Intermedio (Melide's Dub)

from by Anda-lh'à Lus

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O grolo melidao sempre presta. Terra de gaiteiros de sona que sacaron gravacións nos tempos da lousa. A lenda conta que un deses discos chegou a Jamaica no equipaxe dun gaiteiro galego, e alí os Djs locais fixeron remixes cos vellos dub. A volta foi dura logo de anos, e os costumes mudan. Rastas, gorros e roupa de cores. Gosto polas carnes apalpadas compactas e firmes. Pero a gaita sempre está ahí e tamén os melindres...pero recheos de macoña.

A melidian sip is always wholesome . Land of famous bagpipers with known records from the slate era to nowadays. The legend says that one of those records came to Jamaica in a galician piper baggage. There, local DJs mixed up this music with ancient dubs. Backtime was very hard after years away, and everyday habits had changed. The taste and pleasure tapping hard and compact meat, dreadlocks, rasta caps and colored clothes. But the bagpipe is always there and also melidres...but full of hemp.


(Rastafari Voice)

Fit any "fellas"

(Brazilian voice)

Cala a boca, macaco
cala a boca, macaco.
Cala a súa boca macaco!! (terrible mode)

(Galician interviewer and party girls)

- E onde estamos?
- En Melide!!!!! (bis)

(Galician interviewer & party girl)

- Mira pra ahí como bebe a rapaza!!!
Mirade pra ahí como bebe a rapaza!!!
Bebe, bébelle ahí amor
- No, ya ya...
-Toma cariño!!, nin boeno nin dios, e mira como roe!!!
Bebe!!! Bebe ahí ho!! Aghora ten verghonza

(Lluis Niñerola's voice)

Aconseguir l'equilibri entre el món conscient i l'inconscient i així profitar la vida amb salut i felicitat...


from Norabide Guztiak, released January 21, 2016
Xabier do Anxeliño: samples, guitar rig base loop, software
Moncho de Lucas: Libraries, sounds,

Sampled sounds: Galician old stone house wood table ( Melide's Archeological Museum). Voices: Nós TV interviewer and girls in the street (San Caralampio's fest, Melide).
Sampled song: Rocking Time Warp Dub by The Scientist c.1980.




Anda-lh'à Lus. Vigo, Spain

Anda-lh'à Lus é andar aceso no intre exacto. Iso mesmo é. A idea orixinal xurdiu no verán do 2009, cousa que agromou e medrou logo dun encontro en Madride.

Anda-lh'à Lus means to "Be by the Light" exactly at the right time. And that's it. The original idea cames up in the summer of 2009.

Xabier do Anxeliño: Hardware, Software, guitar and gaita (bagpipe).
Moncho de Lucas: Design, ambient & voice.
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